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Non-profit Girls' STEM Program Leader - Volunteer - DACH countries & ITALY

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Non-profit Girls' STEM Program Leader - Volunteer - DACH countries & ITALY
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multiple,  TO 10129
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Germany, Austria , Switzerland & other Italian cities
Albelissa is an international outsourcing firm with its headquarters in Turin. We are launching a non-profit program called "Potere alle Ragazze" to provide young girls a vision in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields. We are rolling out the program in the DACH countries and Italy. We have already identified an interim international program leader for the initiative, and at the moment, we are interviewing volunteers in universities for DACH countries and Italy. The volunteers will lead the program at their universities and recruit other volunteers representing the program at their school, region, and country level.

The name of the project in Italy is "Potere alle Ragazze" (

Le posizioni aperte sono le seguenti:
  • Program Leader “Potere alle Ragazze” presso la tua Università (multiple)
  • Region Leader del progetto “Potere alle Ragazze” nella tua regione (20)
  • Country Leader del progetto “Potere alle Ragazze” in Italia (1)


  • You will lead the program in your University/Region/Country
  • Promote the program with local businesses by connecting with the HR team
  • Identify local target schools—your middle and high school where you studied
  • You will accompany the women leaders that joined the program to the day of the presentation at the local school
  • Drive and oversee local recruiting in universities of promising young women talented to enter our program
  • Encourage and uplift confidence through discussion and activities with other stakeholders
  • Share tips with younger women regarding growing up and developing as a young woman in the STEM fields
  • Support at organizing events at targeted school events and coordinating with HR
  • Finding schools, coordinating event logistics, managing and liaising between schools and female leaders
  • Actively advertise upcoming events via Instagram or other social platforms, past events and successes, awards, future goals, collaborations


  • You are a woman studying the field of STEM at the university, and you have 1-2 years to finish
  • A strong ambition to work and have a successful career in the STEM field
  • You believe in closing the gender gap and increase the STEM entitlement of women in all companies
  • You believe in creating a vision for younger generations of women (before yours) for them to have a career in the STEM field
  • You like to be in the front line defending those at a social disadvantage
  • You want to give and do not expect others to give back to you all the times
  • You are energetic and enthusiastic and a people person
  • IT skills, mainly social media

Your typical week

  • Talk to other girls about the program when you are on a coffee break or before starting class
  • Call schools to get availability for events
  • Talk to HR and women in technology and ask them to participate in our initiative
  • Check-in weekly with your region or country leader on where we are in terms of recruiting women in career, schools, and other students for the program
  • Support our forward-thinking Instagram community of STEM women sharing tips and suggestions on how to succeed and break glass ceilings.
  • Train other young ladies like you on your job—someday you will have a real job, so better to train and foster other strong women to take over your volunteer job at the end of the term


  • Network with women in STEM who are senior leaders in their companies
  • Obtain visibility with HR Recruiters when working on the event (probably you will end up with a job offer)
  • Gain respect at your university and community as a leader promoting women's entitlements in the STEM field
Required Skills

female university student in a STEM field
strong work ambition to have a successful STEM career
strong belief in closing the STEM gender gap
strong desire to pave a road for girls to consider STEM opportunities
social media savvy

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